Creating artwork by using the anisotropic qualities of wood

The natural grain of wood gives it anisotropy. Physical properties which differ according to direction. In this largely abstract work I am exploring, revealing and exploiting the anisotropic nature of wood and in particular, plywood, where the grain directions of laminates alternate.


Anisotropic Art Anisotropic Art Anisotropic Art Anisotropic Art

I draw inspiration from patterns in nature and from designs with bold outlines. I work occasionally without the bold outlines to create more representational pieces. I create my wall-art by carving, shaping and colouring wood and laminated wood using saws, chisels and power tools.


In some of my work I seek out the subtle, directional qualities in the wood grain while in others, colour is added to create unique and intriguing directional properties. Much of my work features 3D construction or bold relief patterns and interesting colour combinations which are different when seen from left and right.


These anisotropic effects are truly unique and were first exhibited during 2013 in Totnes and Teignmouth. Visitors commented: 'Exquisite and very original', 'Extraordinary' and 'Beautiful patterns & colours'. My 2015 work is becoming bolder and more abstract as I expand the techniques I use.


Each piece has relief, texture, and reflective sheen. Added colour combines with relief shadows and the anisotropy of wood to create a degree of intrigue in different lights or orientations. I use acrylic and water based paints, often sparingly applied to create subtle shades of colour.


Anisotropic Art Anisotropic Art Anisotropic Art Anisotropic Art Anisotropic Art
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